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Hühner und Entenbraterei Ammer

Brewery - Augustiner


While the larger tents at the Wies'n get all the attention, don't miss smaller places like the Ammer Hühner und Entenbraterei (chicken and duck grill). This tent only holds a little over 900 guests, evenly split between indoors and out. "Why come here?" you ask. A good question...
Well, for the more health conscious, the Ammer tent offers a dizzying array of organic foods. In fact, nearly everything on the extensive menu is labeled "Bio" ("organic" in English). Secondly, as I've stated before, the smaller tents dispense with the raucous crowds, noise and smoke that are all too prevalent at the larger places. What's wrong with a quieter evening? tent pic
Josef Schmidbauer is the proud 5th generation family member to own and operate this tent. Even before the "Big Boys" on the block, the Ammer tent has been grilling chickens here since 1885!

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