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Kloster Brauerei Andechs


Genuß für Leib & Seele

About 45 minutes outside of Munich, at the end of the S5 train line, lies Herrsching. This turn of the century spa town is nestled against the Eastern edge of Lake Ammer (Ammersee) in Bavaria's 5 lakes district and provides a gateway to the world famous Andechs Klosterbrauerei!
People from all over the world descend daily on the Holy Mountain, also called Bier Mountain by many, and religious Pilgrims have been coming here for well over 500 years. Andechs motto is "Genuß für Leib & Seele" translated to English is..."Benefit for body and soul." A day trip to this beautiful monastery and church is a must while in Munich. The restaurant there serves up some of the finest Bavarian food specialties and the Dopplebock bier there is considered one of, if not the best, Dopplebocks in the world. andechs jpg
This is a must see for the serious Bier lover. So if you know that good weather will grace your visit, don't miss this place!
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