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Brewery - Paulaner

paulaner logo In English, Armbrustschützen means "crossbow shooting." There are still shooting competitions here and seeing one is quite the treat. The other stars of this tent are the food. Classic Bavarian dishes like grilled chicken, pork knuckles and bratwurst. The band in this tent won't be playing Alpenpop or Rock-n-Roll either, it's standard German drinking music. Known as Blasmusik to the Bavarians, you'll be more familiar with the name Oompah music. Don't let this distract you, it's quite enjoyable.
This tent is one of the larger ones. Total capacity is around 7400 including 1600 places outside. If your looking for a 'quieter' tent (if that's possible) but still want an enjoyable time, I recommend hitting this tent for a nice mid-day lunch and a few delicious Paulaner biers. Also, adorning all the perimeter walls and areas are large game mountings. Deer and boar to name a few. They certainly give this tent a unique feel. Shuetzenfesthalle
This tent has been at Oktoberfest since 1895 and is surely one of the most traditional tents on the Wies'n. Peter und Peppi Inselkammer took over this tent in 1990 and have done a wonderful job of keeping this tent full of Gemütlichkeit.