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Augustiner Festhalle

Brewery - Augustiner

augustiner logo This is one of the so called 'locals tents' where it seems everyone you meet is from Munich or its vicinity. Families are also well represented here. Don't feel that you should avoid this tent because you are a tourist, I have been here several times and always met warm and friendly people. It may do you to try and learn a few words in German though as the hosts in this tent genuinely appreciate the effort.
The Augustiner Monks founded a monastery in Munich in the year 1294 and it is well established that Bier was being brewed there by 1328. This makes Augustiner Bräu Munich's oldest brewery. The Augustiner Bier is considered by many locals to be the best that Munich has to offer. I can't say as I disagree with that. tent pic
The Augustiner brewery is the only one that still uses the traditional 200 Liter wooden bier keg (holzfaß) for dispensing their product. When you are in any of the several tents where Augustiner is served, try and make your way to the Zapfer's area and watch these guys tap and pour the traditional way! Here and in many of the famous Augustiner Bierhalle, Biergartens and restaurants around Munich, you will always find excellent food and drink.

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