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The Bavaria Statue

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The statue of Bavaria was added to the Theresienwiese in 1850 and is meant to symbolize Bavaria's power and strength. It depicts an Amazon woman holding in her left hand the wreath of victory. In her right hand is a sword and there is a majestic lion at her side. Bavaria is just to the left of the Schützen-Festhalle on Martin-Pschoor Straße and is readily viewable from many parts of the Wies'n. bavaria pic
It was designed by sculptor Ludwig Michael von Schwanthaler in 1844 and was created in cast-iron by Ferdinand Miller of the renowned foundry of J.B. Stiglmair. It is truly a remarkable iron casting. Unfortunately, the designer died two years before it's completion and placement on the Wies'n. Visitors can pay a small fee and make their way inside of the statue and up 66 steps to the crown where they will be rewarded with a beautiful view of the fairgrounds and likewise Munich itself.
The statue stands 18.52 meters high (nearly 61 feet) and appears to guard the front of the Ruhmeshalle (Hall of Fame). It is a Greco-Roman style building that was erected under King Ludwig I from 1843 to '53 and serves as a pantheon for celebrated Bavarians.