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Pschorrbräu-Festhalle (Bräurosl)

Brewery - Hacker-Pschorr

hacker logo The Heide family have run this tent since 1936. Tradition says that the nickname 'Bräurosl' comes from Rosl, the daughter of the tent owner Herr Pschorr many years ago. She was apparently fond of riding her horse to the tent late at night in order to enjoy her libation. The local workers noticed this and came to call the tent Bräurosl in her honor. A painting of Rosl on her horse can still be seen above the entrance to this tent. Of course she has a bier in one hand!
This tent has been redesigned recently and is in great shape. It holds around 8,400 people and is one of the more traditional tents on the Wies'n except for one weekend. The first Sunday of the fest finds many gay couples, mostly gay men, in this tent. I am unsure how this 'tradition' started but it seems to be here for good. Not that there's anything wrong with that. ;-) Entrance to Braurosl
Today this tent holds over 8400 people with around 2000 of those being outside. But amazingly, this was the largest tent on the Wies'n in 1913 when it held over 12,000! Contrast that with todays largest tent, the Hofbräu, which now does 10,000.
Heide pic