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The Carousel Bar


The Hochreiter's Carousel Bar is touted as the 'Largest, transportable carousel bar in the world'. It's certainly the only one I've ever seen so who am I to argue? It takes a minute and a half to do a full revolution on this bar and the occupancy is listed at 130 persons. carousel pic
Eleven meters high at the pinacle and weighing in at 11 tons, this slow moving attraction sure seems to be full most of the time. The main drink here is delicious Franziskaner Weissbier. You'll be asked to pay a deposit (Pfand) and handed a token for each Bier you order. When you're done drinking, step off the carousel and turn your glasses and token into the stand next to the bar for your refund.
carousel pic It's very common to pay a deposit at Oktoberfest when you buy a drink in a glass bottle or are outside at a stand where they use nice glasses or dishes.