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Feinkost Drexler

Ansprengerstr. 8 80803 München

As with many, if not all, of the small restaurants and food stands at Oktoberfest, this place is an offshoot of a larger Munich business. Feinkost Drexler is owned and operated by Herbert Drexler.
A friend of mine turned me onto this little sausage stand a few years ago. I can say without a doubt, they have the best Garlic Sausage you have ever had! Known as Knoblauchwurst in German, this is one tasty meal. Served with fries or kraut and a sprinkle of curry powder. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! drexler pic
This small stand is located on the street between the Augustiner and the Braürosl tents and is very convenient to the Biergarten there.
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Images on this page used with the permission of David Dionne, AKA Bierman9