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Brewery - Augustiner

augustiner logo The Fischer-Vroni is perhaps one of the more unique culinary stories of the Oktoberfest. It's specialty centers around, you guessed it...fish! Freshwater fish like trout are skewered and slow cooked over hot coals. Basting with butter gives the fish a crisp skin and a delicious taste. Grilled fish isn't the only menu item however. Numerous other fish dishes and even Sushi are available. All are delicious and surprisingly, it doesn't smell like fish in there!
This is definitely another one of the "Locals Tents" where most people seem to be from around Munich. Perhaps tourists are a little intimidated by it's uniqueness. Only about 2700 seats inside make this a moderately small tent on the Wiesn compared to some. This tent also has a great band, led by Sepp Folger and his Münchner Musikanten, they really create a great atmosphere and get the party going. fischer tent
Since 1948, the Fischer Vroni tent has been at the Oktoberfest and introducing the world to a delicious Bavarian specialty.

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