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The Glöckle Wirt

Brewery - Spaten - Franziskaner Bräu


Wilkommen to the smallest permanent tent on the Wiesn, it seats only 98 people. This tent burned down at the end of the 2002 Oktoberfest and was a total loss except for the Bier! God bless those Bavarian firefighters. One of the hardest losses of all were the fine decorations that had hung from the walls for many years.
Traditional favorites of Bavaria adorn the menu including Hax'n, Weißwürste, Kartoffel Knödel, Apfelstrudl and more. If you can get into this tent to enjoy a meal, you won't regret it. Be sure to sample the Franziskaner Weißbier as well, it's the traditional drink here instead of the larger Oktoberfest Liters. tent pic
Stephanie und Hanns-Werner Glöckle have done their best to ensure you enjoy your time here.
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