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The Hochreiters Haxnbraterei

Brewery - Löwenbräu - Franziskaner Bräu


What's a "Haxn" you say? This German classic is actually a roasted pig knuckle. It is an amazing cut of meat that you will have a hard time finding in the U.S. Even most German restaurants don't have it.
Like many German pork preparations, you'll find this done rotisserie style and very crunchy on the outside and tender and juicy inside. Be advised, a whole Schweinshaxe is enough meat for two people, order the half (halb). Served with Kartoffel Knödel (potato dumpling), Krautsalat and a Bier...and you'll think you are in heaven! Guten Apetit. food pic
The Hochreiter family have been running this tent for 25 years and also another famous attraction at the Wies'n, the Carousel Bar. In this venue you can experience wonderful food and along with the standard liters of Löwenbräu Festbier, delicious 1/2 liters of Franziskaner Weissbier as well! Mmmmm.
food pic