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Käfer's Wies'nschänke

Brewery - Paulaner

paulaner logo This tent is very small, only a thousand seats inside and well known for a few reasons. First, the food. By far this is the gourmet food tent on the Wies'n and you can find many exotic dishes like venison and duck here just to name a few. This tent is also meticulously decorated to resemble a traditional Bavarian Alpine cottage with it's many flower boxes and wide gabled roof.
Käfer's is also one of the few tents that stays open late as well, till 1AM. But let it be known, you better be a well known connected local or famous person to get in here after about 11PM because the crowd is handpicked beginning at that time. For that matter, you had better have reservations to get in early! kaefer tent
Käfer is also a nice stop for a coffee or hot chocolate on a cool day. Be sure to purchase one of the special Käfer coffee cups they have there, they design a new one every year.

flower pic