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Brewery - Löwenbräu

lowenbrau logo The German name Löwenbräu translates to "Lions Brew." And one of the first things to notice as you approach this tent is the giant lion above the doorways that greets it's guests with a hearty "Roar" and a long guttural "Löwenbräu!." If you take a seat outside, it becomes quite possible to ignore the lion after a few minutes and meet some nice people who may be seated at your community table.
This tent attracts a good mix of international flavor and is only the 2nd large tent on the Wies'n to serve the world famous Löwenbräu bier. It's also a good place to spot members of TSV 1860 München, one of Munichs local soccer teams. TSV is nicknamed "The Lions" so it's association with Löwenbräu is easily understood. lion pic
The Löwenbräu Tower in front of the tent is 37 meters high and can be easily seen from most anywhere on the Wiesn. It makes for a convenient meeting place for this reason.
lion pic
Images on this page used with the permission of David Dionne, AKA Bierman9