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The Marstall

Brewery - Spaten Franziskaner Bräu


Brewery logo What the marstall Tent lacks in size, it makes up for in atmosphere. The marstall is the newest tent on the Wiesn. It replaced the Hippodrom Tent in 2014. The Marstall continues the "horse Theme" that the Hippodrom had and the tent is essentially the same size as the previous. This tent is very popular with the young international crowd but caters as well to the local Bavarians. Many men and women wear the classic Trachten or traditional Bavarian outfits in this tent.
Marstall is the name of the riding school located at the Munich Residence. It was created by Leo Klenze in 1822 who was Archtect to King Ludwig the 1st. marstall tent
Total capacity at the marstall inside is 3200 persons and an additinial 1000 seats are "außen" or at outside Biergarten tables. With only 3200 seats inside, this tent is by far one of the coziest. The Bavarian word "Gemütlichkeit" must have been coined here!