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The Oktoberfest Ferris Wheel - Riesenrad

Called a Riesenrad in German, the Ferris Wheel at the Oktoberfest fairgrounds is 50 meters high, (164 feet) and pretty hard to miss! It is such a fixture at the grounds that in 2002 and 2004 it was incorporated into the official Oktoberfest placards. ferris wheel pic
Forty beautifully decorated Alpine Gondolas, holding up to 8 people each, have been taking riders to new heights for many years. In fact, during the 2005 Oktoberfest, several Italian tourist watched in shock as three German Nationals reached 'new heights' while filming an amateur porn film in one of the gondolas!
food pic A visit to the Wies'n without a trip on this ride is against the rules.With a 'can't miss' view of the fairgrounds (like the one to the left) as well as those of Munichs skyline available for only €4.00, you just can't miss a trip on this ride.
Image riesenrad.jpg is used with the permisson of David Dionne, AKA Bierman9