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Auf geht's beim Schichtl


Located in the Northeast corner of the Oktoberfest grounds on Schaustellerstraße is certainly one of the most inimitable stories of the Wiesn. With daily public executions by guillotine, the butterfly dance and frequent appearances from the worlds fattest woman, it's easy to see why this funny little place draws a crowd.
Half the fun at Schichtl's is just standing around in the front and watching the rapid fire style of the Barker as he works the crowd. As with every carnival show, there's "more to see on the inside!" The Schictl family started this show in 1869 and it has become one of the most traditional and seemingly permanent fixtures on the fairgrounds. schichtl pic
Even if you don't understand German very well, it's worth the three Euro's to see this little show with it's variety of physical humor and magic.
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