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Schützen Festzelt

Brewery - Löwenbräu

lowenbrau logo Tucked under the Bavaria Statue, this medium sized tent is most likely harboring a slightly older Bavarian crowd. But remember, a less raucous crowd allows you to enjoy your Bier, food and the company of those you meet here even better at Oktoberfest. Isn't that what it's all really about?
This tent boasts one of the best done traditional food dishes of Bavaria as well, grilled suckling pig in bier sauce (Spanferkel in Malzbiersauce). Enjoy it served with kraut salad and potato dumpling of course! For anyone who has never tried suckling pig, I have to tell you, "Don't miss out on this!" tent jpg
This tent has a an area for shooting and also has maintained it's traditional geranium flower planters since it's redesign in 2004. A wooden framed Biergarten was also added out front in 2006. This is a cozy and warm tent and is just right on one of those cooler days at the Wies'n.

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