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Traditional German Dress

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One of the first things many tourists notice upon arrival to Munich, are the traditional Bavarian outfits worn by many of the local folk. These outfits, called Trachten or Festival Dress, are a long standing Bavarian tradition and are quite popular during Southern German festivals such as Oktoberfest, Fruhlingsfest, Starkbierfest, etc.

The men's outfit is easily recognizable because of the Leather Pants known the world over as Lederhosen. The finest and most traditional of which are actually made from goat and not cow hide. There are two main style of Lederhosen. In the simplest terms you have a short pair and a knee length pair. I've been told a true Bavarian gentleman owns both kinds. If no suspenders are worn, a jacket or vest accompanies the seemingly mandatory white shirt. Some families even pass down Lederhosen from father to son, and old, well-worn pairs are highly valued.

The ladies outfits are called Dirndls and run the gamut between peasant dresses and intricate outfits made of leather and other fine materials. Of course, no matter what style the lady chooses, it is obligatory for her to show the "Holz vor den Hutten"! Translated to "The wood in front of the shed." And believe it or not, women have taken recently to wearing the mens style of leather pants. Quite sexy actually.