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München TV
paulaner logo Near the end of Wirtbudenstrasse, the main street of the fairgrounds, one comes to a large tower. And perched atop is perhaps the largest bier you have ever seen! It is unmistakably the Paulaner tower and marks the entrance to the Winzerer Fähnd'l tent.
For several years, this tent had been home to TV München where nightly broadcasts of the Wies'n could be watched from your hotel room. Traditionally outfitted guests made their way to the very beautiful Eva Grünbauer above the main floor of the tent. Typical lines of questioning found the interviewer asking the male guests about how many liters he could drink while female guests (usually wearing the traditional Dirndl) would find the cameraman preoccupied with a bit of cleavage. winzerer jpg
Although München TV no longer broadcasts here, (they are in the Hofbräu-Festzelt) there is still a lot of fun in this very nice traditional tent.

Image winzerer.jpg is used with the permisson of David Dionne, AKA Bierman9